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Pay the bill

by smikkelbaard



Smikkelbaard is a small, humble concern. We're not mixing it with those incredibly intelligent, wise and perennially youthful types that tell us what is good and bad in the world of Dutch Rock, Pop and Dance, oh no. For one thing we can't compete with their IQ's. Did you know, their IQ's are housed in specially cooled underground vats in the Hoge Veluwe (yes all the IQ's in the Dutch Rock and Pop world, all housed together) - just so they don't overheat with the knowledge they constantly produce... a knowledge that's wholly beneficial, that's there all for you, a knowledge that's there to help you save money in these economically straightened times, to help you decide whether to buy that Daily Bread, Spinvis or Caro LP.

Our IQ's only go as far as working out whether we can rustle up enough cash to go to Febo.

Anyway I digress. In our offices (ok, bedrooms) you will find no pluggers or perma-tanned thin people with massive teeth better suited on a gelding, we don't go to meetings in the far off land of Hil-ver-sum, or to boutique festivals where the privileged children run wild and free, oh no. You're more likely to find us waiting for Digros to open so we can nick some of the grilled chicken.

And because of that we're poor, oh so poor. No money, we do it for love Imagine if brilliant musicians like Di-rect or Jacco Gardener did it for love alone. Imagine if 3voor12 did it for love alone. They'd starve and no-one wants that.

So we say, help us pay our bill from the Excelsior record fayre day. We promise we'll spend it all on junk food.


released January 9, 2013

all songs are provided to us free of charge by the kind labelheadz of Sammling, Shaky Maracas, Subroutine and even some from Smikkelbaard

smikkelbaard #012




smikkelbaard Leiden, Netherlands

Smikkelbaard Records want to amaze & surprise you with every release.

Just join us on our ride and discover a lot of stuff you would have never listened to.


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