Plurex 016

by The Minny Pops

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Art Fin Live lo-fi recording of this bizarre and minimalist 1980's new wave band from Amsterdam. Their best known song, "Dolphin's Spurt" was produced by Martin Hannett (Joy Division) and released on Factory Records in 1981. Live, they were as much performance art as music. Intentionally absurd WTF video: Favorite track: Doplhin's Spurt.
Mental 07:22
Night Out 03:21


Synthesized darkness, doom-humour-mongering (in a J.G. Ballard style), gyrations that no-one understands and electronic clanks for a new way of living. It can only be Minny Pops. Three tracks taken from a prime time Factory Pop(s) band (Gedditt!?!?!?). Mental, Night Out and Dolphin's Spurt recorded live at Lorre Delft (7/5/1980) in front of a gezellig crowd. You can even hear the clink of a coffee cup now and then. The band stand between the two mind-maps: behind them the metallic cliffs and crevices of the debut, Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement, before them the icy dark waters of Sparks In A Dark Room. We hear a bit of both in this gig. This nieuwe/neu/new electro-Brutalism comes in a white sleeve with a stamped title: "Minny Pops / Live". No more information needed. Oh what confidence in sound our forebears had! A new ideal of listening in a pre-post industrial society. Back then you had to use your imagination, fancy that.


released March 18, 2016





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