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Bl00d EP

by YesPinkPink

FaceFaceFace 04:18
All of Times 03:07


Gloops, blurps, trigger beats and all manner of electronic gremlins and glitches form the architecture for a C21st shiny beast attack known as the Bl00d EP. This musique eletronique from La Haye boasts all manner of sensual curves and bumps that will slap your unmentionables if you're not careful. But the sounds on this EP don't showcase some horizontal tease; for YesPinkPink is n0thing if not a hard worker. A grafter who is lithe of limb and sharp of tongue. A raving, digitised Momus, his sound has forged through sweat and poppers; a tamahagane created during long nights in fusty squats, terrible/gezellig room parties and the dustiest of clubs full of oversexed uncomprehending teens. The sound that's scrambled out of the furnace has something in common with other glamtronic troubadours like Khan and Namosh. But sharper, more mercurial, and possessing a will 'o the wisp side that's impossible to hold down. Dig!


released May 17, 2016

Check out the video for Bl00d on Da Fl00r





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